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Hook Jewelry Warranty, Sizing & Return Policy

To order the correct size bracelet, measure around your wrist bone loosely so there is a small gap between the tape measure and the bottom of your wrist, and add a half an inch, select the size that is closest to your measurement. Some of our Sterling Silver and 14K Gold items are made to order, please allow 7 to 9 business days to ship. All of our titanium items are in stock for delivery and will ship within 1 to 2 business days.

(Sterling Silver / 14k Gold Items)

Our sterling silver / silver with 14k accent, bracelets can't be sized up, you would have to have a new bracelet made, they can only be sized down for a $45 fee. If you would like to upgrade (size up a wrist size) (your sterling silver / silver with 14k accent) Caribbean Hook Jewelry, we will for a fee of $65.00 to cover processing, S&H, to upgrade (to a new bracelet in the same style and mm width). Rings (silver/ silver with 14k gold accent) can be sized up or down for a $45 fee. For all 14k gold jewelry, (to upgrade to a new wrist size in the same style, mm width) the fee is $150.00 to cover processing, S&H. The fee to downsize a 14k gold bracelet is ($75.00), 14K gold rings, to downsize or up-size the fee is $65.00 to cover processing, S&H.

(Titanium Items)

PLEASE READ: The (dual purpose) warranty card that comes with all Titanium, Sterling Silver and 14K gold Hook jewelry, and how to care for your jewelry. Please also follow the care instructions that came with your new Titanium hook bracelet.

Sizes for Titanium are only what is listed on our website.

How To Care For Your Titanium Hook Jewelry

Titanium should NOT be polished, put in any cleaning agents, or hand polished with a cleaning cloth, to clean your Titanium just run under warm water and pat dry with a tissue. Titanium should not be worn in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, while bathing, salt water or put in any solvents or cleaning agents, or when retiring for the night. This can ruin the finish and degrade the metal.

Titanium is like any other metal, it scratches just as sterling silver or gold would. Titanium just like white gold, is plated to enhance its color (all white gold is Rhodium plated and when it wears off it must be re-plated, at a cost of ($75 to $100) that is why we warranty our Titanium hook bracelets & rings for the life of the product. 


If for any reason your Caribbean Hook Jewelry becomes damaged or defective via normal use return the damaged item(s). They will be promptly repaired or replaced if necessary. Sending in all Sterling Silver, silver with 14k gold accents, send a check or money order for 45.00 to cover processing and S&H, and all 14k gold items the fee is $75. If the item is damaged and can’t be repaired due to abnormal wear and tear such as it's bent, broken, twisted, the fee is $65 for Silver items and $150 for all 14k gold items. Titanium Jewelry, under normal use, the warranty fee is $45.00. If the item is damaged due to abnormal wear and tear such as it's bent, broken, twisted, the fee is $65 to cover processing and S&H for U.S addresses only, email us for international rates.

When sending your Caribbean Hook Jewelry in for repairs or sizing please be sure to use a cushioned mailbag or box. The Hook Company, LLC will not be held liable for damages due to shipping, please insure all packages. Please send your hook jewelry to our exact address below.

Ship via USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS to the below address.

Please include a check or money order for the warranty or upgrade service you require, and send the proper amount for any other services you are requesting. Also, send in with your name, return address, phone #, and e-mail address. If you are not sure of the cost for your requested service, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at



All returns must be received within 10 days of receiving the product, (no exceptions), and must include the original packaging the bracelet was in. Returns in brand new unworn condition in its original packaging will be charged a $15 restocking fee, refund will also be less S&H. If the item is scratched, damaged in any way, the refund will be less S&H and a fee of $45.00 for Titanium items, and $65.00 for sterling silver and 14k gold items. No returns on special orders, to include (special sizes that are not listed on our site). 

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 Thank you, to our valued and satisfied customers.


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 The Hook Company

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The Hook Company does not share, sell or give away any of its customers personal information to any third party and remains solely with The Hook Company.