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Original Hook Bracelets & Rings Silver & 14K Gold

Original Hook Bracelets & Rings Silver & 14K Gold

Islanders in the Caribbean have worn the hook bracelet for centuries. It has been adopted as a symbol of unity and love for islanders living in the Caribbean. Lore has built up around its simple horseshoe design. Some folklore states, with the open end of the hook pointed up toward your heart, your love is taken. With the open end of the hook worn down, away from your heart, your love is free or a subtle sign that you are unattached or single. Other folklore, with the hook worn up, keeps your luck with you, worn down; you will bring in good luck when in need.

This simple but most sought after gem is our signature piece of jewelry; whether you call it a Caribbean hook bracelet, a Cruzan hook bracelet, there is only one “Original Hook Bracelet” out there, with its patented integral locking clasp. Don’t be fooled by imitations, please be sure you are getting the Original Hook Bracelet with a Limited Warranty, and look for our Palm Tree Hallmark stamped inside all of our hook bracelets & rings sold on our site and retailers throughout the Caribbean.

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